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  • KS-799E GSM Alarm System
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    KS-799E GSM Alarm System

    Main Features of 2014 New Wireless 16-zone Intelligent Alarm System : * Built-in GSM module for alarming, no wire needed * 16 wireless zone, 3 detectors for each zone, four attribute for option: burglar,delay, Vocal Duress, Mute Duress * Max enroll 8 remote controllers,...Read More
  • KS-858 PSTN Wireless Alarm System
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    KS-858 PSTN Wireless Alarm System

    It is a Telephone Networking Alarm Console with LCD display and 4*4 keyboard, and there are 16 zones (8 wireless zones + 8 wired zones). It works with wireless remote controllers (up to 8 remote controllers), various wireless/wired detectors, sensor switch, hand button, and...Read More
  • KS-200B Long-distance Alarm System
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    KS-200B Long-distance Alarm System

    Main Features 1) 1-100 Independent wireless zones can be armed/disarmed independently,Common zone and emergency zone can be defined at will. 2) The detectors can automatically match codes with alarm host. it's simple and tast. 3) Two groups of timer-open/time-colse time...Read More
  • KS-200A-E
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    Main Features: 1) 299 or 999 zone independently; can arm or bypass and define for common zone or emergency zone 2) Register code between wireless sensors and main unit in manual input; it is ] easy for extension and maintenance and no false code happens 3) Super LCD display,...Read More
  • KB-A1188 Wired GSM CID Alarm System
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    KB-A1188 Wired GSM CID Alarm System

    Main Features 1. Built-in GSM module optional 2. 6 wired+6 wireless zones, each wireless zone can expand up to 3 detectors 3. Can connect with 4 separated keypad, and each keypad with a wired zone. 4. 5 phones can be set and alarm calls priority 5. Can connect with wired and...Read More
  • KS-60B Motion Sensor Alarm
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    KS-60B Motion Sensor Alarm

    Product Summary personal wireless alarm system By adopting double infrared sensor together with special infrared processing integrated circuit and automatic temperature compensation technology, the watchdog has the advantages of low rate of false alarm, extremely high...Read More
  • KS-206KT Onsite DIY Alarm System
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    KS-206KT Onsite DIY Alarm System

    Main Features: Program up to 6 sensor(6wireless zones). such as PIR detector, door sensor, smoke / gas sensor. Support wireless siren Support CID 4 digits code can be reprogrammed 5 Phone numbers can be set. 5 Remote controllers can be matched. Low false-alarm rate....Read More
  • KS-898A PSTN Burglar Alarm System
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    KS-898A PSTN Burglar Alarm System

    1). Lattice LCD display 2). 8 wireless + 4 wired zones,each wireless zone connects with 3wireless detectors. 3). Support CID and KS6+2 monitoring center communication protocol 4). Access code: 1 installer code, 1 master code, 8 user codes and duress code 5). 5 pre-set numbers...Read More
  • KS-868E1 GSM+PSTN
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    KS-868E1 GSM+PSTN

    1 Dual-net (GSM&PSTN) for double protection 2 Built-in GSM Module optional 3 Built-in antenna of panel, PIR detector & door sensor 4 Multi-user mode: each other user can operate preset zones 5 Mono-user mode: away arm /home arm the whole system. 6 Menu operation and...Read More
  • KS-899E
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    1. LCD display 2. 16 wireless zones & 4 wired zones, The 4 wired zones will share wireless zone from 12-16 zone. Each wireless zone for one Detector. Can program 8 remote controllers. 3. 8 preset phone number, users can program for common phone or CONTACT ID. 4. Can...Read More
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