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Quanzhou Karassn Intelligent Technology Co.Ltd is one of the best business alarm system manufacturers, suppliers and companies, welcome to do business alarm system, burglar alarm system, security alarm system, business security systems wholesale business with us.
  • best wireless alarm system KS-858 PSTN Wireless Alarm System

    Contact Nowbest wireless alarm system KS-858 PSTN Wireless Alarm SystemIt is a Telephone Networking Alarm Console with LCD display and 4*4 keyboard, and there are 16 zones (8 wireless zones + 8 wired zones). It works with wireless remote controllers (up to 8 remote controllers), various wireless/wired detectors, sensor switch, hand button, and foot switch and...Read More

  • KS-200B Long-distance Alarm System

    Contact NowKS-200B Long-distance Alarm SystemMain Features 1) 1-100 Independent wireless zones can be armed/disarmed independently,Common zone and emergency zone can be defined at will. 2) The detectors can automatically match codes with alarm host. it's simple and tast. 3) Two groups of timer-open/time-colse time can be set, and it...Read More

  • home burglar alarm systems KS-200A-E

    Contact Nowhome burglar alarm systems KS-200A-EMain Features: 1) 299 or 999 zone independently; can arm or bypass and define for common zone or emergency zone 2) Register code between wireless sensors and main unit in manual input; it is ] easy for extension and maintenance and no false code happens 3) Super LCD display, menu program and...Read More

  • gsm security alarm system KB-A1188 Wired GSM CID Alarm System

    Contact Nowgsm security alarm system KB-A1188 Wired GSM CID Alarm SystemMain Features 1. Built-in GSM module optional 2. 6 wired+6 wireless zones, each wireless zone can expand up to 3 detectors 3. Can connect with 4 separated keypad, and each keypad with a wired zone. 4. 5 phones can be set and alarm calls priority 5. Can connect with wired and wireless siren 6....Read More

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