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  • KS-858 PSTN Wireless Alarm System
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    KS-858 PSTN Wireless Alarm System

    It is a Telephone Networking Alarm Console with LCD display and 4*4 keyboard, and there are 16 zones (8 wireless zones + 8 wired zones). It works with wireless remote controllers (up to 8 remote controllers), various wireless/wired detectors, sensor switch, hand button, and...Read More
  • KS-200B Long-distance Alarm System
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    KS-200B Long-distance Alarm System

    Main Features 1) 1-100 Independent wireless zones can be armed/disarmed independently,Common zone and emergency zone can be defined at will. 2) The detectors can automatically match codes with alarm host. it's simple and tast. 3) Two groups of timer-open/time-colse time...Read More
  • KS-200A-E
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    Main Features: 1) 299 or 999 zone independently; can arm or bypass and define for common zone or emergency zone 2) Register code between wireless sensors and main unit in manual input; it is ] easy for extension and maintenance and no false code happens 3) Super LCD display,...Read More
  • KB-A1188 Wired GSM CID Alarm System
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    KB-A1188 Wired GSM CID Alarm System

    Main Features 1. Built-in GSM module optional 2. 6 wired+6 wireless zones, each wireless zone can expand up to 3 detectors 3. Can connect with 4 separated keypad, and each keypad with a wired zone. 4. 5 phones can be set and alarm calls priority 5. Can connect with wired and...Read More
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