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  • KS-620PHR Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Detector
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    KS-620PHR Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Detector

    Operating voltage:9V,6F22 Bettery life:1 years Infrared photoelectric sensor Radia Frequency: 433M Radio distance:more than 100m(open area) Alarm volume: more than 85dB/m.Read More
  • KS-715NR-AC Wireless Gas Detector
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    KS-715NR-AC Wireless Gas Detector

    Operating voltage: 220V AC; Wall mounted; Alarm output: Sound&Flash alarm; Wireless transmission; Sending frequency: 433MHz/315MHz Alarm level: 10% ± 5% LEL. Auto reset; High Reliability sensor; MCU processing adopted,SMT adopted,good stability Malfunction auto-check...Read More
  • KS-003BHR Wireless Water Leak Detector
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    KS-003BHR Wireless Water Leak Detector

    Operating Voltage:DC3V(2*1.5V AA Alkaline Batteries) Statoc Current: ≤ 10uA Alarm Current: ≤ 50mA Alarm Indicator:Red LED and buzzer souding Fault Indicator: Orange LED Alarm Output:Wireless transmission(433Mhz) Working Temp:0-60 ℃ Humidity:0-80%RH(no congelation) Sound...Read More
  • KS-307DCTWireless Pet Immune Detector
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    KS-307DCTWireless Pet Immune Detector

    Main Features of Home Alarm System Wireless Motion Detector China * Temperature-compensating in full-procedure; adjust to the changeful temperature automatically. * Anti-white light interference. * Anti-magnetic interference. * Pet immunity * Detect and report automatically...Read More
  • KS-307WT Wireless PIR Detector
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    KS-307WT Wireless PIR Detector

    Product Summary of For Home Alarm System Mini PIR Wireless Motion Sensor : The wireless PIR detector adopts advanced import sensor and professional PIR disposal chip. It works by detecting human body’s PIR spectrum. When detecting the human body move in the detective areas,...Read More
  • KS-308XCT Wireless PIR Motion Sensor
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    KS-308XCT Wireless PIR Motion Sensor

    Product Summary of Alarm Personal Ceiling Wireless PIR Detector Wireless Ceiling PIR detector adopts advanced sensor and special IR processing chip. It works by detecting spectrum of human body infrared. When human activate within the detective area, the microprocessor will...Read More
  • KS-208T Wired Outdoor Infrared Detector
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    KS-208T Wired Outdoor Infrared Detector

    Product Summary of Wired Outdoor PIR Motion Detector: Wired Outdoor PIR Detector adopts the advanced A/D processing technology and Micro-processing recognition technology. It works by detecting the infrared radiation heat from the human body. The detector can be used in...Read More
  • KS-218T Wired Pet Immune PIR Sensor
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    KS-218T Wired Pet Immune PIR Sensor

    1.Signal-chip intelligent digital processing technology 2.Double-channel signal with A/D conversion processing 3.Complete airproof and weatherproof function 4.Automatic temperature compensation 5.Detect distance: 8m and 12 m optional 6.Pulse member: 1P and 2P optional 7.Alarm...Read More
  • KS-53B Wireless Outdoor Repeater (433mhz to 230mhz)
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    KS-53B Wireless Outdoor Repeater (433mhz to 230mhz)

    1. Product Summary The wireless keypad adopts disposal core of octet single chips and micro-power consumption design. It can be collocated with our alarm systems from our company. Wireless Keypad implements Arm, Disarm and Emergency Alarm with password and supports multiple...Read More
  • KS-70B-BE Wireless Outdoor Stroble Siren
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    KS-70B-BE Wireless Outdoor Stroble Siren

    Main Features: Wireless Outdoor Siren adopts 8-digit single chip process. The user can choose the code by self that achieve multi-siren in the same code. It has enforced sound and light alarm function. The device equips with tamper and removes protected features. It is...Read More
  • KS-13B-E Remote Controller
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    KS-13B-E Remote Controller

    1. Emitting Indicator: Press any key. If the light is on, which means it is sending signal. If the light cannot be on, please change the battery. 2. Arm key: It is for Away Home Mode. Press this key, main unit will make a short “Di” sound, then the main unit will be in arm...Read More
  • KS-11D Panic Button
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    KS-11D Panic Button

    Main Features Micro power design. Emergency button. Wireless radiation circuit exerts SAW resonator frequency stabilization. It is effective when Arm and Disarm to alarm system. Radiation distance: 800m (in the open area). It can be connected with all alarm host .such as...Read More
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