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RF wireless sensors

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  • Mini Wireless PIR Sensor KS-310DCT
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    Mini Wireless PIR Sensor KS-310DCT

    Mini wireless passive infrared detector adopts with dual element infrared sensor.It has the ability of automatically temperature compensation.It works by detecting the infrared radiation heat from human.It has the advantages of low false alarm,reliable and easy installation.Read More
  • KS-13B-E Remote Controller
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    KS-13B-E Remote Controller

    1. Emitting Indicator: Press any key. If the light is on, which means it is sending signal. If the light cannot be on, please change the battery. 2. Arm key: It is for Away Home Mode. Press this key, main unit will make a short “Di” sound, then the main unit will be in arm...Read More
  • KS-23AW Wireless Magnetic Contact Switch
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    KS-23AW Wireless Magnetic Contact Switch

    ① Battery: two pieces of button batteries (please attention the polarity). ② Insulating strip of battery: to cut off the power to longer the usage of battery when the sensor will be halted to use; it can be used once removing the strip. ③ Alarm/ Low-power indicator: when the...Read More
  • KS-21AW Wireless Magnetic Door Sensor
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    KS-21AW Wireless Magnetic Door Sensor

    Product Summary of Wireless Contact Sensor Alarm Door Wireless Door Contact Sensor matches with a magnet. It sends alarm signal to alarm console when both parts separated. The door sensor is designed in micro power consumption with low power alert. The wireless transmitter...Read More
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